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A few pictures of the new shop in various stages of completion.

Moving day, old things begin to become new.

This is the basis for a really nice, new shop.  Our "new" place was the home of a good friend.  This was her garden shed for nearly fifty years.  The stud walls and ceilings were open.  The only electrical service was two hanging light bulbs.

New Shop

With a little imagination you can see that I (with a lot of help from a good friend) insulated the roof line and added a thin, white Masonite type board for the ceilings.  We also added 50 amp service and an electrical panel, and wired the building.  There are eight outlets along the ceiling joists, and eighteen more around the walls.

Facing south, you get a view of the open ceiling joists, the electrical panel, and the 5/8" plywood walls.

Facing north, you see the beautiful old heart-pine shiplap boards which will eventually form this wall.  As soon as my contractor cuts the holes for the windows, the shiplap boards will go all the way up.  The lumber in this building is nearly fifty years old, and hard as rock -- tough on saw blades and drill bits.

The west wall faces the house, and yes we're still using the fans in November.  A second window will be near the outlet into which the fan is plugged.

The east, or back, wall is already beginning to gather junk.  I'll either remove the white shelf or convert it to cabinets when I move in the rod making tools.

Finished Shop

The south wall is heart pine shiplap boards.  The window lets in sunlight from sunrise till late afternoon.  My small lathe gets used for everything from turning grips to making reel seats.  The dark foot locker in the lower left of the picture is filled to overflowing with wood for making reel seat inserts.

The north wall holds my straightening and varnishing stations.

The northern half of the east wall gives me a place to straighten and bind rod sections.

The southern half of the east wall has my oven and shelves filled with many of the necessary goodies for making rods.

The southern half of the west wall has a small drill press and bandsaw, extra bamboo storage, and a white board for making notes.

The main workbench is on northern half of the west wall.  Hope I never need that fire extinguisher near the door.  And notice the stacks of split bamboo in the corner ready to be made into rods.

Starting November 24th, 2008 I'll be making shavings and helping aspiring rod makers learn the craft here.

Thanks for looking!

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